jennifer jones-o'neil | photography | visual artist
Consume Me
archival pigment print
Give me haptic touch. Flash burst! Give me a sensory experience. Flash. Give me sensual. Whiplash! Give me pulsating warmth that I feel in my extra 20 million neurons. Dominatrix whiplash! Give me a gaze through my lens that I always can remember. Strobe burst! Give me a gamut of visual images that will be ingrained in my memory. Blinding paralysis! Give me "clarification if we are doomed to nostalgia for something we never really experienced at all—our nostalgia is heartfelt, but phantasmatical." Blinding paralysis! Give me the gaze of the lens, "the papparazo's insatiable sadism; the public's libidinous craven voyeurism." Nausea. Strobe burst. Flash! Flash! Flash! Give me the "terrible realization: I love you, but, because inexplicably I love in you something more than you—the object petit a—I mutilate you." Whiplash" dominatrix whiplash! Flash! Flash! Flash!

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