jennifer jones-o'neil | photography | visual artist
Give Me Swagger
archival pigment print
Give me swagger. Flash. Give me confrontation. Flash. Give me a scowl. Flash. Give me cameras and electronic devices. Give me a screen to live my life and disappear into forever in our image saturated culture. Flash burst! Give me irrational fearlessness, even reckless, to enter a war zone. Whiplash! Give me a coup de foudre…que sera, sera. Flash! Give me loss of substance and stripped bare. Strobe flash! Give me roused anger in order to forage onward. Blinding paralysis! Give me control. Flash! Give the ability to control my irritation. Flash. Give me inferior. Give me superior. Dominatrix whiplash! Give me win-win, victory. Give me lose-lose defeat. Flash! Give the words I'm writing as truth. Flash. Give the words I'm writing as false. Whiplash. Give me these words as suggestive. Flash. Give me these words as disingenuous. Flash! Or are they disinformation falsehoods or misinformation and confused assertions? Flash! Give me direct access. Flash! Give me an emotional response. Flash! Flash! Flash! Give it to me and in return I'll give you Camera swag and tell you what I really want... What I really want... Is it benevolent universe with the grand master plan. What I really want... Is the weight to be lifted. What I really want... To neutralize the imposter syndrome and reduce its power!

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