jennifer jones-o'neil | photography | visual artist
What Drives Me to Create?

I create for self-discovery and personal growth, producing work as a way to search for new knowledge while conscious of the public sphere that surrounds me. It is within this public sphere that I am interested in discovering how spatialized power manifests within cultural constructs, economic class structure, and an increasing global consumer culture, but the work is not necessarily finding a solution but activating a conversation around why it exists.

I reassign material objects and its use-value; employing some of the same devices of advertising to investigate how we negotiate the meaning and power of images. This restructuring is done to create ambiguity and to re-organize its meaning because as consumers we are affected by mass media images and places of material objects, if meaning is acquired when images are consumed, viewed and interpreted, it is at this point, I am interested in how that meaning invokes social and political value through different cultural contexts.