jennifer jones-o'neil | photography | visual artist
2307 Chester Ave., The Last Exhibition
on view thru December 10, 2011
Cleveland, Ohio
Inscrutable 2011
Snippet on The Art Blog

Inscrutable is a dual site exhibition and partnership with the University of Delaware and the Asian Arts Initiative, exploring the complexity of meaning within the continuum of being Asian. With globalization and multiculturalism increasing in our contemporary landscape, how do we now navigate the vast interpretations of culture, race, gender and age? Inscrutable aims to explore this multifaceted question through the shifting global contexts and impacts of making art through a subtle, unintended, obvious or overt Asian lens. Is there a clarity or ambiguity in the work, can we in fact define and categorize this work as Asian? Does the tenacity of cultural signifiers prevail even in the face of our “global” world?
- curator - Anthony Vega

Artists participating in the show:
Tomie Arai, Rodney Camarce, Ken Chu, Jinming Dong, Jennifer Jones-O'Neil, Yvonne Lung, Rene Marquez, Yong Soon Min, Paul Pfeiffer, Hiro Sakaguchi, Rana Sindhikara, Barbara Takenaga, Lynne Yamamoto

S I M U L A C R A Now thru December 18, 2010
New Wilmington Art Association presents:
SIMULACRA is a four person exhibition designed to explore the paradoxical notions of layers of realities composed with an image using photography. The mediums themselves lead to a problematic paradox of illusion, reality, and how we comprehend them in a contemporary society where the image, video, and Internet rule the way we are fed information.

Exhibition Artists: Seung Jae Kim, Jennifer Jones-O'Neil, Lynn Palewicz,
Marisa Rebecca

December 3-18, 2010
605 N Market Street, 3rd Floor, Wilmington, DE 19801
October 2010
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